How to integrate with various APIs from FileMaker

The blog explains how to integrate with various APIs such as Google and Microsoft, and how to utilize public clouds such as AWS and GCP.
We also sell solution files for learning.



We are developing systems with FileMaker and Zoho Creator. By integrating with services such as Google, Microsoft, Dropbox and lintegrating with existing systems, you can efficiently utilize the good part of each service.



We will accept consultation such as 'I would like to talk about how we can improve our current work by utilizing the system.' and 'I'd like to use FileMaker for in-house production of the system, but I'd like to discuss various things until I get on track.' etc.



As a partner of FBA (FileMaker Business Alliance), we are licensing FileMaker licenses. and Since we are also registered as a partner company of Zoho, we are selling licenses for Zoho.

FileMaker x FullCalendar

FullCalendar integrated solution with FileMaker's WebViewer.
FileMaker records can be displayed like GoogleCalendar and manipulated by drag & drop.


Google Cloud APIs x FileMaker

Solution for requesting Google's API from FileMaker.
APIs such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Sheets can be manipulated from FileMaker.
In addition, by configuring Custom OAuth Identity Provider, Google Group can be used for authentication.


fmpbpaste / fmpbcopy

We created the commands "fmpbpaste" and "fmpbcopy" to use XML copied from FileMaker tables and scripts in the terminal.